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Two Blades. For Different Cut Sizes. High Quality Stainless Steel Blades. Big Blades total hole is 36 & Small Blade total hole is 121. Shatterproof Body. Easy to Clean. Strong and Durable. Pin grid arrangement on top for better grip of vegetables and effortless pressure distribution while chopping. Fastest, Safest and Easiest way for your day to day cooking preparations. One blade cleaner. Chop and dice the following Fruits and vegetables in minutes for your perfect dish. 1. Tomato (Big/Small Blade), 2. Beetroot (Big Blade),  3. Brinjal (Big Blade), 4. Pumpkin (Big Blade), 5. Onion (Big/Small Blade), 6. Papaya (Big Blade), 7. Cucumber (Big Blade), 8. Apple (Big Blade) 9. Capsicum (Big/Small Blade) 10. Banana (Big Blade)

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