About Us

Anjali Kitchenware Pvt. Ltd. was set up in 1974 by Atmaram Patel- a firebrand entrepreneur. Brand Anjali made strong inroads in the Indian kitchenware market and was soon recognised and respected for its focus on innovation, quality, commitment and customer orientation.  The small co. grew rapidly and today wears the mantle of a pioneering and leading brand in the  Indian kitchenware market, with presence in millions of homes in India and abroad. Truly "har ghar mai" ( available in every house).

The mantle of leadership today vests with Sanjay Patel-the young and dynamic Managing Director. Under his vision and leadership the company continues to grow rapidly and at a blistering pace.

Anjali is a brand well-known in Indian homes for its quality & commitment. The company has more than 250 products in the prepare, cook and serve verticals of kitchenware. The company has manufacturing facilities  at Mumbai in Malad and Vasai. The marketing headquarters are at Anjali house, Malad west, Mumbai.  The employee strength today exceeds 200.

Anjali products are available throughout India, serviced by more than 15000 traditional dealer stores. It also occupies a prominent place in most modern retail outlets.